Posted by: NCRC | June 9, 2010

Northern California Regional Center to be featured in the New EB-5 Regional Center Directory

Card Front Card Back


Northern California Regional Center is participating in the new 2010 EB-5 Regional Center Directory. The EB-5 Regional Center Directory is a guide to United States regional centers that have been approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and shows the focus of each regional center.

The Northern California Regional Center card in the new directory is very attractive, and puts on display two very scenic photographs of Northern California. The front of the card has the image of the Golden Gate Bridge, the most well know architectural structure in all of Northern California. Click here for more information about the Golden Gate Bridge. The back of the card displays Mount Shasta, one of the highest peaks in California. Northern California is known for its rugged natural landscapes, and Mount Shasta is arguably one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Northern California. Click here to learn more about Mount Shasta.

The Northern California Regional Center EB-5 Regional Center Directory card also highlights the three key reasons to invest in our center. These key reasons are:

  • Invest the minimum amount, all our projects are in Targeted Employment Areas.
  • Lower risk investment, we use a loan model to invest in projects instead of an equity model where the value of your investment would fluctuate in volatile businesses.
  • Experience, Northern California Regional Center principals have over 50 years of combined business experience.

Some key reasons to invest in Northern California are also listed. These are the following reasons:

  • Eighth largest economy in the world: California if separated from the United States would on its own be a major player in the global economy. The California economy is diverse and encompasses a wide variety of industries, allowing plenty of opportunity for job creation and investment opportunities
  • Breadbasket of the world: California has often been referred to as the breadbasket of the world. In fact the California Department of Food and Agriculture notes that California is the world’s fifth largest supplier of food and agriculture commodities.
  • A leader in innovation: California is a global leader in innovation. In 2007, California companies received more than $3.2 billion or 46% of all venture capital dollars invested in the U.S.
  • A leader in higher education: California is one of the leading states in the U.S. for higher education, and learning. California colleges and universities have over 2.6 million students enrolled in its 110 colleges.

We hope people appreciate the scenic visual beauty of the new Northern California Regional Center card in the EB-5 Regional Center Directory. To learn more about Northern California Regional Center please visit


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